Ultra High Definition IP Cameras with Network Video Recorder


• As Good As Watching HD Movie    • 20%-80% Less Wiring    • Up to 10 months Recording    • Lifetime Technical Support


full IP Camera CCTV

As Good As Watching HD Movie


IP-based HD CCTV cameras record everything in fine details, as good as watching a high definition movie! With a 5-megapixel IP camera, you get 10 times more detail in your images than with an analog 4CIF CCTV camera. Superior image quality allow you to more closely follow details and changes in images, making way for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard your loved ones and your property.

SafeTrolley's S-Series Ultra High Definition IP Camera packages are capable to provide high-quality video live view and recording up to 5 Megapixels, which is actually even higher than a full HDTV (1080P).

›› Watch the recorded demo video here

Less wire for IP CCTV Camera

20~80% Less Wiring Possible


Not a big fan of massive cabling for your CCTV in your house? Neither are we! With SafeTrolley's S-Series Ultra High Definition IP Camera packages, it is possible to reduce the amount of wiring by 20~80%. With power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, you don't even need a power outlet in close proximity to your camera; By using your existing computer network, you don’t need to invest in a new cabling infrastructure.

Interested in knowing more how we can help to reduce the cabling of CCTV cameras, or how we can convert your existing analog CCTV camera to IP-based CCTV cameras? ›› Talk to us now today

Store Your Video Records Safely for A Long Period


Unlike those simple IP cameras that can be found at electronic stores and that can only keep video record in an easily damaged SD card for 4~12 hours, SafeTrolley's S-Series Ultra High Definition IP Camera packages can keep the video records in a durable surveillance grade Hard Disk for up to 10 months*!

With the video records stored in the highly durable Western Digital® Purple Surveillance Series Hard Disk which is dedicated for surveillance systems, your important video files are extra safe with you for the period as long as enough.

*Based on: 1 IP camera, 1Mbps bitrate, 4TB HDD, 24×7 recording

surveillance grade HDD for IP CCTV Camera

Lifetime Technical Support


We are not merely a hardware seller, we are your partner and service provider on security solutions. On top of 2 years' product one-to-one exchange warranty for our SafeTrolley's S-Series Ultra High Definition IP Camera packages, we also provide the lifetime technical support! Even better, our lifetime technical support can be totally free of charge! (›› Read details here)

Maybe you just get your router changed, or you are using a brand new smart phone, or you want to enable your motion email alert setting, or other technical issues, don’t worry, we are always here to help you out!

PC & Mobile Device Access

Watch live streaming & recorded video via iOS, Android and web apps anytime, anywhere.

Domain Never Expires

We will pay for the personalized premium DDNS domain name, which will never expire.

Motion Detection

Record upon only motion or on the 24×7 continuous basis. Your device, your choice.

Audio Recording

Take the audio recording via highly sensitive surveillance grade microphone.

Night Vision

See everything clearly in the total darkness. Effective coverage up to 30 meters.

Push Notification

Be notified via email whenever there is a motion detected, video loss or tamper.

Scheduled Recording

Turn your camera on and off at specific times of the day or week. Manage your record efficiently.

Privacy Mask

Apply a privacy mask on the camera screen, to protect your privacy.

Wide Angle Coverage

Up to 95 degrees of wide angle camera lense. Install it in the corner. No blind spots.