CCTV Video Demo of SafeTrolley S-Series High Definition IP CCTV Camera

The below video is extracted from the SafeTrolley S-Series High Definition IP CCTV Camera (Video Only). Recorded in 30 frame rates per second. Bitrate is 4Mbps. Resolution is 4 Megapixel

Visit SafeTrolley S-Series High Definition IP CCTV Camera for further information, specifications and pricing of our cameras and devices, as well as online shopping. All you need to know for installing a CCTV Camera system in Singapore.

The SafeTrolley HikVision Full HD IP CCTV camera is the most common choice for surveillance systems in workplaces in Singapore. The IP technology delivers a higher quality of video, with extremely sharp images and useful features, such as remote access and control via internet which is possible thanks to the superior compression technology of the Network Video Recorder (NVR) used for storing the footage.

That is why the usage of IP Cameras has been raising in industrial/organizational environments, becoming a better way to remotely get access to live action or recorded images through a Computer or a Smart Phone.

These functions, along with a resolution range that goes from 1MP to 3MP, the two possibilities for video storage (SD Card or Hard Disk Drive) and the optional motion sensor and night vision features -amongst others- make the SafeTrolley HikVision Full HD IP CCTV camera a complete and reliable option for the safety of your business or office in Singapore.

Also, this type of CCTV Camera systems requires minimal cabling and has a durable design that is capable of providing more than 10 years of functioning.

As you can see in the video, the SafeTrolley HikVision Full HD IP CCTV camera gives excellent definition of every little detail in the area of coverage, offering a movie-like video quality that works both indoors and outdoors.

SafeTrolley HikVision Full HD IP CCTV cameras feature different functions, so it is important to establish your requirements at a detailed level for better results. SafeTrolley offers you the best recommendations for installing the right CCTV Camera system in Singapore, including a free visit to your site in order to discuss them with you.

All our devices are manufactured by HikVision, a world class company that provides cutting edge technology for CCTV Camera systems. Besides, SafeTrolley puts a professional and capable staff at your disposal for the installation and configuration of your surveillance network so that your assets and personnel are always safe.

We will also provide any accessories that may be needed to install your new system as well as a warranty that covers for 2 years on products and the first year of service. Free lifetime technical support is also included.