We provide life time support for all our CCTV systems

If you are already our existing customer, you should be familiar with this service: We provide life time support for all our CCTV systems, and the service part can be free of charge!

  • Our CCTV systems comes with 2 years product warranty, and 1 year service warranty: that means within the first 2 years time, if the hardwares are not working properly, they will definitely be covered under the warranty: we offer 1-to-1 exchange, to ensure the minimal system down time.
  • Within the first year, if we need to go down to do any manual work, the service is also free of charge.

What will happen after warranty expires?

  1. All our CCTV system is network enabled device, it means as long as the system is online, and you have a computer at home, we will be able to help you remotely - this service is absolutely free of charge. You can find out how we can give you the free remote support here.
  2. If the remote support really can't work, we will arrange the site troubleshooting as soon as possible. Only at this stage, the service charge will be applicable. 

Any questions about our service procedure or standard? You are welcome to contact us!