Samsung SHS-P718 Fingerprint Lock

$799.00 (GST inclusive)

» Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Lock
» Authentic Samsung Digital Lock
» Easy PUSH and PULL Handle
» Fingerprint / card / Password
» Key Override in case of Malfunction
» Up to 100 Fingerprint Users
» Up to 30 card / pin users
» Latest Concept Design
» Unique User Welcome Feature
» Touch Screen Keypad
» Invasion Alarm Feature
» Automatic Locking Mechanism
» 10 Extra Cards / Keytags*
» Installation Included in SG
» Free Courier Delivery for Oversea Purchase
» 2-Years Product Warranty in SG


Product Features:

» Fingerprint/ RFID Card / PIN Access
» Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
» Welcome feature for Users (Sensor Detects any motions within 70cm range)
» Status Notification Feature
» Alert system for any possible intruders
» Securing door management with robust dual structure
» PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
» Manner Mode for quiet night outings
» Advanced operation logic
» Emergency external battery terminal
» Emergency mechanical bypass Key
» Indoor wireless Remote Controller (Optional)

*10 Free access cards or key tags (or mixed, 10 pcs in total) will be provided by (Owned & Managed by Wise Group Pte. Ltd.). The free access cards / key tags will be mailed out 5 working days after installation or payment whichever is later, upon email or phone request. The design and appearance of the free access cards / key tags are different from the original ones that come with the digital lock package. Only applicable to Singapore customers.

Warranty: 2 years product warranty with the first year service warranty from the date of delivery and installation. Warranty valid in Singapore only.