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YALE Standard Laptop Safe YLS/200/DB2

$179.00 (GST inclusive)

»YALE Standard Laptop Safe YLS/200/DB2,
»Electronic Lock with the digital keypad.
»Override key for emergency use.
»Clear LCD display.
»Exterior: H200xW430xD350mm
»Interior: H197xW427xD294.5mm
»Weight: 11.2 Kg
»Free Delivery.
»1 year product warranty.


YALE Standard Laptop Safe YLS/200/DB2

Product Description

Yale Standard Series Safes will keep your most important belongings secure against attacks with strong steel body & 16 mm secure bolts and with a pin code, you are able to gain quick access to your safe. It nicely accommodates a wide range of items, including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, and more. Whether that’s your camera to capture those special moments or a sentimental belonging, we have the right safe to suit you.

  • Total peace of mind : The safe comes with two anti-saw locking bolts (16 mm) and with steel body for protection against all attacks
  • Steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage Pre-drilled holes (fixing bolts supplied) allow permanent mounting to floors, walls, or most hard surfaces for additional security.
  • Incorrect Entry Alarm feature : Inputting the incorrect code 4 times sounds an internal alarm for 3 minutes and locks out the code pad for that time. Manual override can be used during alarm.
  • Convenient to operate digital keypad with LCD display and a programmable combination of 3 to 8 digits.
  • Uses 4 AA size batteries (1.5 V). In case of battery failure, the safe can be operated with a manual override function with 2 security override keys supplied.
  • Solid steel construction for higher resistance to attack
  • Equipped with an electronic lock and Digital pin access, Yale offers quick set-up and easy operation.

Technical Details:

Exterior dimensions: H200xW430xD350mm
Interior dimensions: H197xW427xD294.5mm
Weight: 11.2 Kg
Volume-24.7 litres