Samsung SHS-H705 (SHS-5230) Fingerprint Lock

$785.00 (GST inclusive)

» Samsung SHS-H705 Digital Lock
» In Black / Silver Colour
» Fingerprint / Pwd Identification
» Override Key in Case of Malfunction
» 100 Fingerprint Users Capacity
» With Luxurious Design
» Touch Screen Keypad Design
» Invasion Alarm to Prevent Intruders
» Automatic Locking Mechanism
» Auto Sliding Fingerprint sensor Cover
» Installation Included in SG
» Free Courier Delivery for Oversea Purchase
» 2-Years Product Warranty in SG


Samsung SHS-H705 (Also known as SHS-5230)

» Fingerprint/ PIN Access
» Available in Black and Silver color
» Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
» Select-able Dual Verification Access (PIN + Fingerprint)
» Anti-panic exit
» Anti-picking function
» Forced Locking and Relocking
» Automatic/ Manual locking modes
» PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
» Advanced operation logic
» Emergency external battery terminal
» Emergency mechanical bypass Key
» Indoor wireless Remote Controller (Optional)

Warranty: 2 years product warranty with the first year service warranty from the date of delivery and installation. Warranty valid in Singapore only

H705 H705-3