Samsung SHP-DH537 RFID Card / PIN Digital Door Lock

$585.00 (GST inclusive)

  • Grey/Copper colour
  • 1 Master (PIN),  RFID Card / PIN (up to 100)
  • PIN, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, Mobile App – Smarthome (optional)
  • Double Verification; (PIN + Fingerprint)
  • External: 81.8(W) X 320(H) X 66.8(D)mm
  • Internal: 79(W) X 290(H) X 80.3(D)mm
  • Power: DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 8



Dimension (W x H x D)

  • Door Thickness (mm): 40-80mm
  • Door to Gate Allowance (mm): 70mm
    (Space required to avoid hitting gate or gate lock)
  • Clearance From Door Edge (mm): 120mm