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Nikawa Fingerprint Safe 20FPDW

$449.00$559.00 (GST inclusive)

»Nikawa Fingerprint Safe 20FPDW
»Operation: Fingerprint / Pin / Override Key
»Up to 32 fingerprints capacity
»2 override key provided
»20mm solid motorized locking Bolt
»Color: Black
»Exterior: H200 x W520 x D410 (mm)
»Interior: H196 x W515 x D373
»Capacity: 37.7L
»Weight: 15KG
»Pre-drilled holes for mounting
»Internal LED light
»Free Delivery
»1-year product warranty.


  • HIGHTLY SECURE BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE – Unlocks Fast by Registered Fingerprint or PIN Code.
  • FAST ACCESS PERSONAL SAFE FOR HOME & OFFICE DEFENCE AND PROTECTION – Upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensor, Motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots, 5mm door, Seamless Laser Cut, Four Prong Backup Cross Key
  • EASY TO SET UP & SIMPLE TO USE – Scan & Save up to 32 Fingerprints for Multiple People or 1 PIN Code, All Carpeted interior with Build in LED Light, 1 FULLY ADJUSTABLE shelf to organize your handguns, Jewelry, Cash, Small Electronics & Important Documents
  • PRY-RESISTANT by DESIGN, TIGHTLY SEALED SOLID STEEL BODY GUN SAFE – Two 20 mm Solid Steel Locking bars go inside of 2 insertion slots in the frame of the safe, Sound On/Off so that intruders won’t hear you, Warning beep if door left unlocked
  • MODERN DESIGN, ROBUST MILITARY LOOK AND VERSATILE SIZE fits perfectly as a home safe, office safe, bedroom safe, or anywhere you need fast access and protection.

Features & Specifications:

  • Body material: Steel, Black scratch resistant military coating;
  • Interior: All carpeted, Build in LED light with 2 AA Batteries (included);
  • Locking system: Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Digital LCD Keypad, Upgraded 500 DPI Optical sensor, PIN Code consists of 4-8 programmable digits, Battery status and Operations displayed, Motorized deadbolt locking mechanism with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots, Four prong override cross keys (2 included);
  • Safety features: Pry-resistant, Laser cut, Seamlessly welded, 20 mm Solid steel Locking bars enter two insertion slots in the frame of the safe, Sound On/Off, Warning beep if door left unlocked for more than 1 min., Time out period after 5 incorrect PINs or 10 incorrect fingerprints attempts;
  • Memory: Stores up to 32 fingerprints and 1 PIN code; Non-volatile memory – information is retained if batteries are removed;
  • Fireproof, Waterproof: No;
  • Mounting: 4 pre-drilled holes with anchor bolts (included) for convenient mounting;
  • Batteries: Requires 4 AA batteries (included);
  • Door/Body Thickness: 5 mm / 2 mm;
  • External Dimensions: H200 x W520 x D410 (mm)
  • Internal Dimensions: H196 x W515 x D373
  • Weight: 15kg;
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty;

Nikawa Fingerprint Safe 20FPDW

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions20 × 52 × 41 cm