Why You Should Consider IP Surveillance Camera over Analog CCTV Security Camera

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High Definition IP Surveillance Security Camera

Obtain the leading in surveillance and safety for your residence or business with our phenomenal assortment of IP Surveillance cameras. SafeTrolley’s wireless security camera systems allow you to observe live video via the internet from any location in the world. You only need to have a live internet connection (the broader bandwidth, the lower latency, hence the better video quality) and you can watch the videos from these HD IP surveillance cameras on your PC, tablet or even smart phone. The high-resolution Network Video Recorder security system facilitates a more strengthened degree of detail and sharpness to your surveillance requirements with outstanding high resolution video, giving that vital peace-of-mind you so much deserve.

Advantages of IP Surveillance Camera

IP surveillance camera is a new type of computerized and networked model of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In this system, an IP Surveillance camera keeps footage and the outcome is relayed via an Internet Protocol network. The camera is connected to the IP network by an internet connection. The centralized recording is achieved via Network Video Recorder (NVR). 

The fact that the full digitalization of the IP surveillance camera presents several distinct advantages over conventional analog CCTV, including: 

  • Superior video image quality and no abasement of content with time.
  • Enhanced search capacity.
  • Exceptional ease of use.
  • The capability to video live viewing and reviewing footage concurrently.
  • The capability to compress content for enhanced storage.

In addition, the networking ability to IP surveillance camera offers extra benefits comprising:

  • Enhanced capacity for remote viewing and replaying of the video records. Anybody has the internet access will be able to observe images from any camera linked to the network.
  • IP storage facilitates data storage from any geographical location. 
  • Boosted ease of distribution. For example, a crime suspect image can be shared instantly with authorities.
  • The capability to link with email and alternative communications structures so that notifications can be sent spontaneously.

Safetrolley's IP Surveillance Camera

The IP surveillance camera Singapore is modelled to accord you peace of mind and enable you to live a simple and secure life. You need not to be a computer networking specialist since SafeTrolley’s IP camera user-friendly interface has been made simpler. You will be assisted to fix the IP Surveillance Camera with NVR throughout the installation procedure. The easy-to-use mobile APP make you effortlessly appreciate surveilling on your smartphone. Additionally, no extra adapters or power cables are required for the IP surveillance cameras. 

SafeTrolley provides a broad collection of IP cameras modelled for security surveillance in a diverse array of home, office, industrial buildings and commercial industries' setups. Unmatched in potential and functionality, SafeTrolley’s cutting-edge IP surveillance camera Singapore is designed to achieve and surpass the continually growing demands exerted on video surveillance installations.

From high-resolution megapixel to standard-resolution IP surveillance cameras, SafeTrolley provides the industry's broadest collection of IP Surveillance camera in Singapore. These IP Surveillance security cameras offer incomparable performance, full frame-rate video and high-definition image quality, bringing sharpness and accuracy to your distinct applications. 

Want to install IP Surveillance CCTV Camera for your home or office? Browse various types of IP Surveillance CCTV Camera packages, or find out more distinct features of our High Resolution IP Surveillance Cameras with NVR!