How to Choose - IP Camera or Analog CCTV Camera?

IP Surveillance Camera

In the present age, if one wants to secure the premises, then he can not think of a business or a household without a security CCTV camera system. Along with the development of security systems, the crime rate and the type of crime has also evolved to such an extent that one requires a latest and efficient security system. The analog CCTV camera system’s history dates back to almost 50 years. A simple analog CCTV (Close Circuit TV camera) is a security camera that records the video feed on a device called Digital Video Recorder (DVR). While an IP camera is one which feeds the video stream to an IP address. An IP Camera can then be recorded over a Network Video Reorder (NVR). 

This is the basic difference between the analog CCTV camera and an IP security camera. IP camera is greater in efficiency in these terms and hence it can be said that an IP camera is sharper in its performance than a CCTV analog camera. For an analog CCTV camera, you have to install the camera system and the DVR, which might be timely and hectic procedure including many jumbles of wires and countless instances where there is a chance of short circuit. An IP camera in this sense is relatively easy to install and use. The IP camera sends the video feed to an IP address and hence that video feed would be accessible to any part of the house or the building where there is internet. In fact it is also possible that you have installed an IP camera in one of your properties in Singapore and you are able to watch the video feed from Malaysia or any other part of the world where there is internet. In contrast to this, if one has installed a system of analog CCTV camera, the feed can be only viewed from a monitor which connects to the DVR, that too if connected with the recording device that is recording the feed of the camera. It is true that the analog CCTV cameras can also be accessed remotely over the internet through the DVR but the procedure is not as efficient as IP cameras. 

Another big plus point of the IP cameras is that one can view the video feed on a mobile device like a laptop or an iPhone or some android phone. There is no such facility available in the usual analog CCTV cameras except for the remote access over the internet via a DVR. However there is a slight hiccup in the industry and market of the IP cameras. As compared to the analog CCTV cameras, IP cameras are a bit expensive. But the high expenses are not unreasonable as they are providing one with a huge facility. 

The quality of the CCTV analog camera is good at all times but for heavy duty uses, the latest and improved system of cameras, the IP camera system should be installed because the videos are of HD quality under light and at night, the night vision is applicable. The quality that one wants to view on the device can be selected as per one’s desire. But one cannot deny the great night vision quality of the analog CCTV cameras.

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