Face Recognition Technology and Its Use in Door Access System

Face Recognition Technology and Its Use in Door Access SystemOffice Door Access control systems are upgrading with the current updates being sophisticated face control technology. We have moved from admiring this technology in Sci-Fi to having it in our offices. Face recognition technology in access control systems makes it possible for users to capture 3D live images of individuals accessing their premises and comparing these images with their database to identify the said individual.

As complicated as this process sounds, it is quite easy and fast. Face recognition access control systems use end points or nodal points on an individual’s face to measure variables like the length or the width of the nose, the depth of the eye sockets or the shapes of one’s cheekbones. All this facial information is referred to as a faceprint, and it is used to compare against any data captured when one is accessing the building.

With Hikvision’s access control system, you will have complete control over who comes in or goes out. Every day, we are all looking for systems that not only provide us with end-to-end security solutions but one that is advanced enough for excellent face recognition even in zero lighting situations.

If you are looking for a control system for indoors or outdoors perimeter, then Hikvision is the brand you need.

The topology of the Hikvision Face Recognition in Access Control System

Hikvision has enhanced face recognition terminals in their access control systems by embedding Deep-Learning algorithms. This has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of speed face recognition. These features have also helped in reducing the load on the back-end components.

With the new face recognition in access control systems, you can expect the accuracy to be at least 99% with a speed of 0.5 seconds or less. This is great for your business use because the system can verify at least 40 people every minute, even during rush hour. Additionally, you can personalize these terminals to suit your company’s needs.

You also have the option of picking your preferred authentication mode from the multiple options available, including swiping of cards and comparing images, face images, or customizing an authentication mode.

Additionally, you can integrate these systems with CCTV Camera Systems. Also, they can recognize faces in zero light, can detect spoofs, and are fitted with event linkage.

These features ensure that there is maximum security in who gains access to your business, which reduces any possible fraudulent activities.

Face Recognition Door Access Control System from Hikvision 


1. Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T671MF

Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T671MFThe Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T671MF is part of Hikvision’s Pro series. It has a touch screen that measures 7” with 2 lenses that are 2 MP. Its milfare1 card reader is built-in. This terminal can store up to 5000 faces, 5000 fingerprints, 6000 cards, and 50,000 events. It can recognize faces in less than 0.2 seconds.

Other features include:

  • Face recognition in a dark environment
  • Anti-spoofing detection
  • Wi-Fi, IP or TCP communication system
  • Several time attendance statuses  
  • An audio feature that has noise cancellation and suppression of echo capability


2. Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T331W

Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T331WHikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T331W is part of the Value series that is cost-effective and best for small to medium-sized companies or retail businesses. The storage capacity is limited compared to that of the products in the Pro Series, like our previous example.

Its features include:

  • A 3.97’’ touch screen and dual-lens camera of 2MP
  • It can store up to 300 faces and 150,000 events
  • The terminal also has an IP/ TCP or Wi-Fi communication system
  • It has anti-spoofing detection
  • Time attendance status for multiple occasions

Face detection is within 0.2 seconds at a distance of 0.3 to 1 meter. It comes with a UK adaptor for power supply.


3. Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T606MF

Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T606MFHikvision Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T606MF is ideal for factories, stores, hotels, and office settings. The system can store up to 3200 faces in its database. Additionally, you can customize the attendance status.

One of the benefits of this product is that it is quite easy to use. For starters, you can register faces in less than 3 seconds. Also, registration of faces is possible through the importation of images or devices.

It is fast in recognizing faces, with a record time of at least 1 second. There are multiple verification modes, and you can combine as many as you want. The authorization modes available are fingerprints, use of passwords, faces, and cards.

Our face recognition access control system is great for your business use. Contact us today to request for a quotation.