Dahua IP & HDCVI Cameras: Cost Performance Balance Solution

Dahua SingaporeDahua Technology is the innovation leader offering security products and solutions such as IP Cameras, XVR, HDCVI Cameras, NVR, Video Intercom system, Alarm, office door access control system, etc. Ranked among the top two in the world, Dahua is committed to providing its highest-quality solutions and products that allow customers to meet the security requirements. In this article, let us take a closer check on the IP Cameras and HDCVI Cameras offered by Dahua. you will understand why Dahua is the cost performance balance solution for you.

Most of the Dahua IP cameras and HDCVI Cameras pack quite a punch, being equipped with the latest technology that the market has to offer. And that brings us to the question - is this technology reliable? Let’s find out.

4K Video Recording

Dahua is one of the first CCTV cameras to offer 4K technology, transmitting a clearer video to your screen. It comprises of two channels - 8 channel and 16 channel - both offering a 4K resolution. It means that you will get a horizontal screen display resolution of 4,000 pixels. Still can’t figure out its worth? You might know about 720p and 1080p resolutions. Let’s just say that 4K is way higher than 1080p (4 times), rendering a video quality like never before.

Coaxial Security

Most other surveillance CCTV cameras transmit videos over a network, thus making them a target to hackers. On the other hand, the latest range of Dahua cameras provide HDCVI security, not allowing any data to be transmitted over a network. It directly renders video feeds to your monitor in a coaxial output, online storage be damned. Hence, any potential thief will have to actually have access to your hardware before he/she could dream of hacking their way through it.

Virtual Tripwire

If you are a security enthusiast, then you might have heard about something called tripwires. According to basic mechanics, a tripwire is an almost invisible string that alerts a resident about the entrance of an unknown entity in the house. A completely stretched wire is tied up at the door, of about heel height. When a thief breaks the door lock and enters the house, he/she is bound to trip on the stretched wire, thus alerting the residents about the intruder.

A virtual tripwire serves a similar purpose; the only difference being that it is absolutely invisible to the naked eye. Many of the high-end Dahua IP cameras come equipped with a virtual tripwire, so that even when you are asleep, you will know about an unannounced entry in the nick of time.

Scene Change Detection

Ever watched a thriller movie wherein the robbers switch the CCTV transmission with a static image of the scene? This very change can be detected and alerted with the very new technology - Scene Change Detection. Being equipped in every latest Dahua IP camera in the market, you can be rest assured that any intruder won’t be able to trick you that way. It doesn’t matter even if the image is an almost perfect replica; this feature can detect a change in the order of pixels. Then be it even slightly out of focus or entire repositioning, you will know when something like that happens.

The Wide Coverage Area

Does your CCTV camera cover a small area of transmission? Not anymore! With Dahua IP cameras, you can get a read on the entire block, regardless of its vastness. The HDCVI feature can show you the face of an individual in the farthest recesses of the output. The bullet, dome, and eyeball form factors can reflect wide-angle views without making the camera itself move an inch. You have the power to focus on multiple points of the video, and even digitally zoom in at a particular point.

Thus, you can easily discern the facial features of any intruder without much hassle, allowing the cops to arrest the perpetrator in no time! And this model of Dahua IP Camera also comes with broadcast quality audio. You can comprehend every syllable uttered by the interloper without straining your ears.

Needless to say, the latest range of Dahua IP cameras comprise of a number of other high-tech features. All that at a cost unparalleled, so much so that you don’t even need to compare it with other brands, like Hikvision for instance. Additionally, the flexibility is unique to say the least. You can easily switch between AHD, CVBS, and TVI with the aid of the multi-format video output cable. And the performance is sublime at the rate offered. As a customer, you hold the power to simplifying the design of the system without paying any extra costs!

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