A Guide to MOM's Mandatory Video Surveillance System (VSS)

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The Singaporean construction sector is a vital contributor to the nation's economic growth. However, it also carries inherent safety risks. To prioritize worker well-being and foster a culture of safety, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has implemented a mandatory Video Surveillance System (VSS) for specific construction worksites. This article delves into the VSS program, its benefits, and how it contributes to a safer construction environment in Singapore.

What is the MOM's VSS for Construction?

The MOM's VSS is a system of strategically placed cameras and recording equipment designed to monitor high-risk activities at construction sites. Enforced from June 1, 2024, the VSS applies to all construction projects with a contract value of S$5 million and above.

Benefits of VSS in Construction

The VSS offers a multitude of advantages for stakeholders in the construction industry:

  • Enhanced Safety: VSS acts as a deterrent for unsafe work practices. Real-time monitoring allows for immediate intervention when workers deviate from safety protocols, preventing potential accidents and injuries.
  • Improved Incident Investigation: Video footage from the VSS provides valuable evidence for investigating accidents and near misses. By reconstructing events, companies can identify root causes and implement corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.
  • Training and Awareness: Recordings from the VSS can be used to identify recurring safety lapses and develop targeted training programs for workers. This fosters a culture of safety awareness and empowers workers to prioritize safe work practices.
  • Remote Monitoring: VSS enables remote oversight of construction activities. This is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects with multiple work areas, allowing supervisors to monitor safety compliance across the entire site.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The VSS generates data on worksite activity. By analyzing this data, companies can identify trends and patterns related to safety risks. This data-driven approach allows for proactive safety management and resource allocation.

Implementing a MOM-Compliant VSS

Construction companies subject to the VSS mandate must ensure their systems meet specific requirements. Here's a breakdown of key considerations:

  • Camera Coverage: VSS cameras must strategically cover all high-risk work areas, including working at heights, excavation zones, and areas with heavy machinery operation.
  • Data Storage: VSS recordings must be securely stored for a minimum period as mandated by MOM regulations. Cloud storage solutions or secure on-site servers are suitable options.
  • Data Access: Access to VSS recordings should be restricted to authorized personnel only, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Choosing the Right VSS Solution

Several VSS solutions cater to the needs of the construction industry. Consider these factors when selecting a system:

  • Scalability: The VSS should adapt to the specific needs and size of your construction project.
  • Video Analytics: Advanced VSS systems utilize video analytics to detect unsafe behaviors in real-time, triggering alerts for immediate intervention.
  • Remote Access: Ensure the chosen VSS allows for remote access to live footage and recordings for effective monitoring.
  • Integration: Compatibility with existing security systems and seamless integration with project management software can enhance overall efficiency.

The Road to a Safer Future

The MOM's mandatory VSS program represents a significant step forward in workplace safety for Singapore's construction sector. By leveraging video surveillance technology, construction companies can create a safer work environment, reduce accidents, and promote a culture of safety awareness among workers. By embracing VSS and prioritizing worker well-being, Singapore's construction industry can continue to thrive while ensuring the safety of its workforce.

For further information on the MOM's VSS requirements, refer to the Ministry of Manpower's website.

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Video Surveillance System (VSS)
Video Surveillance System (VSS)




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The construction sector is inherently high-risk, with a significant potential for accidents and injuries. Despite rigorous safety protocols, the dynamic and hazardous nature of construction work can lead to incidents that endanger workers’ lives. Common risks include falls from heights, accidents involving heavy machinery, and exposure to hazardous materials. To mitigate these risks, continuous and effective monitoring is essential.

Traditional methods of supervision, such as periodic site inspections and manual safety checks, have limitations. They cannot provide real-time data or comprehensive coverage of the entire site. This is where VSS becomes crucial. A robust video surveillance system allows for constant monitoring, ensuring that safety protocols are adhered to and any unsafe practices are immediately identified and corrected.

The implementation of video surveillance systems in the construction sector, as mandated by MOM Singapore, is a significant step towards enhancing safety and efficiency on construction sites. By leveraging advanced surveillance technology, MOM aims to create a safer work environment, reduce accidents, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has implemented a comprehensive video surveillance system (VSS) tailored specifically for the construction sector. This initiative aims to enhance safety, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve overall operational efficiency on construction sites. By deploying VSS, MOM seeks to monitor activities in real-time, identify potential hazards, and enforce safety standards more effectively.

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