How to Configure iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Android Pad to View CCTV Camera Video

NOTE: This tutorial may have been outdated. Please refer to the latest instructions here: How to use Hikvision iVMS-4500

After we have completed the installation of the security CCTV cameras for your home/office, you should be able to use your Computer/iPhone/iPad/Android phone to view the CCTV video footage in real time now. If you want to see the CCTV video using your iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Android Pad, here are some steps you might need to go through:

1. Go the iOS App Store / Android Google Play. Search for “SafeTrolley CCTV“. It is our free App for our CCTV security camera users. Install it.

2. Click the App to open it. The picture is shown below.

3. Click the 3rd icon shown below to add the CCTV device.

4. Click the “+” icon as shown below.

5. Enter the configuration details (will be given by us)

6. Click the 1st icon as shown below, to go to the “Live View”

7. Click the icon as shown below.

8. Select the device, and click “Start the live view”.

9. The live view is here! To have a clearer view of the video, click “Clear”.

10. Double click the screen to enlarge to the full screen.

11. To replay the video, click the 2nd icon as shown below.

12. Click the icon as shown below to select the CCTV device.

13. Choose the CCTV device, select the start time & end time, and click “Start Playback”. You will be able to see the video footage in the past.