CMS Software & Plugin for Hikvision & Dahua CCTV on Windows and Mac PC

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Here are a list of softwares which you need to set up an IP Camera, DVR, NVR, XVR, etc. The softwares are applicable to Hikvision and Dahua CCTV Camera systems.

You may find these guides are helpful for your configuration:

1) How to use iVMS-4500 for Hikvision CCTV, IP Camera, NVR, DVR

2) How to Use Hikvision iVMS-4200 on PC

3) How to Use Hikvision Hik-Connect in iVMS-4500

4) How to Use Dahua iDMSS on iPhone & Dahua gDMSS on Android Phone

5) How to Use Dahua SmartPSS on PC

iVMS-4200 on MAC (v1.02.05.02)

(old) iVMS-4200 on Windows PC (iVMS-4200 V1.03)

(Newest) iVMS on Windows PC (iVMS-4200_v2.7.1.9)

SADP (V2.2.3.5)

SADP (V3.0.0.10)

Web Video Plugin for Mac OS (new)

Hikvision Analog/IP Camera Video Player (Windows OS. Need installation)

Hikvison Video Player for Mac OS

Dahua Smart PSS for Windows (V2.02.0)

Dahua Smart PSS for Mac

Dahua General Config Tool

To download the latest version of Firefox which can be used to watch live view and replay of CCTV cameras: Firefox 50

ZKTimes 1.5.7

ZKTimes 5.0

Apps on Mobile Devices (iOS and Android):

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