5 Reasons for Switching from Analog CCTV camera to IP Camera Surveillance System

Best positions to install a CCTV camera for office securityThe CCTV camera video surveillance system has become very important tool for home and office security. No doubt, the video surveillance system has enhanced the security. However, it can be made more successful with the addition of latest technology. Many companies have enhanced the video and image quality by adding cameras that are more powerful in the surveillance system. The addition of HD cameras in the security system provides more clear image and video of the occurrence. The clear video helps the investigation team to conclude the reports more quickly and virtuously.

In the early security systems, analog CCTV camera was used to capture the image and videos. This security system is still in use at many homes and offices. Although, the capturing result of the analog CCTV camera is low quality. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to identify the culprits involved in the occurrence. With the passage of time, the latest HD cameras have been invented for office and home security. Moreover, the video recording options have also been modified and enhanced. Currently, IP camera is the most secure and effective surveillance system for home and office security. The homeowners and businessmen are switching their security system from analog CCTV camera to IP camera network. This article includes the top 5 reasons for switching from analog CCTV camera to IP camera surveillance system.

1. Better quality of sound and video:

IP camera system provides better quality of sound and video. The video and sound quality of the analog CCTV camera are usually interfered due to electrical noise and poor connectivity, especially when the distance from camera and DVR is more than one hundred meters. The IP camera is more resistant against electrical noise.

2. Security of recorded evidence:

In many cases, the robbers also take way the DVR device while attempting robbery. So, the victim cannot provide any recorded proof of the evidence. On the other hand, the NVR save the video directly on the network. The IP camera surveillance system is more safe and secure for recording the evidence.

3. Enhanced accessibility and manageability

The IP camera system is easier to manage and access. Now the user can view and video files from anywhere. Even you can access the videos of IP camera network through mobile applications and remote clouds. Simply, you need the internet connection to view and manage the files saved through NVR.

4. Easy power management:

The analog CCTV camera system needs separate power cables to operate cams whereas the IP camera mostly runs through POE (power on Ethernet). IP camera eliminates the issue of connecting separate power cables.

5. Cost effective for remote business management:

Although, the initial cost of NVR is slightly higher than DVR; however, the IP camera system is cheap and easy to modify and enhance. This system is ideal for attaching more cameras. The unique feature of IP camera surveillance system is the remote management of the business. The IP cam security system allows access to store and to manage the data of any work group from different locations. Therefore, the business can be managed remotely from multiple locations.

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