Uses of CCTV cameras in Singapore Other than Crime Prevention

Best positions to install a CCTV camera for office securityThe primary use of CCTV Camera in Singapore and many other parts of the world is crime prevention. There are many proven reports which show that CCTV camera placement leads to the reduction of crime rate in the area. Although, initially, it was the only known use of this device but with time, people have learned its diverse uses. Now it is being used in many different ways.

Suggested Uses of CCTVcameras in Singapore

Here given are some uses of CCTV cameras other than crime prevention:

Traffic Monitoring:

CCTV cameras are being used in the monitoring of traffic in many cities. Their prime function on the roads is to capture any accident or mayhem. They are not used as the speed cameras. 

Observing Industrial Processes:

Many industrial processes are highly dangerous for humans, especially in chemical industry but their monitoring is vital for flawless continuation of the procedure. These industries use CCTV camera to observe those processes. 

Employees Monitoring:

Nowadays, many organizations take the help of CCTV to check the activity of the employees. As all the actions are being recorded, workers remain focused on the work. Employers usually set CCTV camera to scan goods and their quantity, quality control, absence and presence of the worker and so much more. Occurrence of specific event can be recalled when in need. 

Transport Safety: 

A CCTV camera system can be used to provide safety to the passengers. For instance, in a subway, operator can check whether every person has boarded before starting the train. 

Monitoring Sports Events:

In the arena, CCTV system is implanted for the fans so that they can see the game even when they are not on seats like in cafes, hallways etc. 

Protecting Students:

Bullying is becoming a major problem for the school children. Many schools around the globe plant CCTV system in the school hallways, canteens, etc. where children are present without the supervision of the teachers. There are some restrictions in using CCTV system in the private places like gym locker areas, bathrooms, and staff room. In school, the head may also use this system to check what is happening in the classroom.

Protecting Staff: 

In banking and especially in the firms where cash is involved, chance of theft comes from staff. Staff members even accused one another for the thievery. Employers can place this camera to protect their staff members. In the public dealings, it can even protect the staff from the customers’ violence and accusations. 

Securing Home:

Not only the big industries and organization, even simple citizens are using CCTV cameras to protect and monitor their houses as well. When connected to the internet, people can even see their house remotely.

How you useCCTV Camera in Singapore is upon you. At the time of their development, nobody knew that it could be used for that many purposes. Who knows, what the future holds. You may have your own ways of using CCTV camera that might not be mentioned here. But, all we know is - necessity is the mother of invention. 

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