SentrySafe's Latest Digital Alarm Fire Safes

SentrySafe, Alarm Safe

When it comes to keeping your valuables safe and protected from the outside world, there aren't many options available to us. Investing in home security systems such as a Safe Box and personnel is often times a more expensive task than most household users can afford and a safe might seem like the next best option but in reality, it should be the first thing that you invest in.

SentrySafe manufactures some of the most reliable and high quality safes which you can buy for your home as well as businesses and with SentrySafe launching their services in Singapore, we might get to see even more robust and reliable models in the coming future.

For now however, let's take a look at some of SentrySafe's latest and interesting products and decide for ourselves if they're worth your money.

SentrySafe's Digital Alarm Fire Safes

Launched in 2015, SentrySafe's digital alarm fire safes come packed with loud alarms capable of letting you know about any intrusions that are being attempted, whether the safe is being moved, someone's attempting to pry open its door or perhaps the passcode was entered incorrectly several times in a row, a loud alarm will alert you about these instances.

But the loud alarm isn't the only reason these safes are a good investment.

Fire and water protection

These safes do more than just stay closed as the heat levels rise. CDs, DVDs, memory cards and hard drives inside the safe are protected from any damage caused by external fires for upwards of an hour as temperatures reach over 1700°F or 1700°C.

The chances of your home or business safe ending up under a body of water are minimal but so are the chances of it catching fire, when it comes to keeping sensitive information or precious items safe, chances can't be taken.

Safety mechanisms

Let's take a look at the various safety mechanisms in place for their safes such as the SFW205UPC and SFW123UDC.

Dual locks

Dual locks are used consisting of an electronic keypad which activates and lights up upon touch along with a traditional key and with up to five passcode attempts before the alarms go off, it's pretty much impossible for someone to get inside without your consent.

Door bolts and pry-resistant hinges

1 inch (25 mm) bolts keep the safe shut until unlocked and offer maximum security to the valuables inside. The SentrySafe SFW205UPC offers six bolts whereas the SentrySafe SFW123UDC offers four, making sure that no human can force his way into the safe.

Pry-resistant hinge bars are also put in place to make sure that the door can't be pried open from the outside, adding further protection against theft where the bolts wouldn't be enough.

Bolt-down hardware and basic strength

Bolt down hardware is also included with the safe itself, ensuring that the safe can't be moved from its position. As opposed to the possibility of thieves taking the entire safe with them and worry about opening it at a later time.

Apart from these, the safe itself is built to withstand any damage that might be caused to it, whether It's a minor fall from a single story or just protection against penetration, the materials used in the manufacturing process are chosen with accidents in mind.


With them moving into the Singapore market, you can be sure to expect further advancements in the way they conduct their business. SentrySafe already supplies replacements in case of fire damage as well as fire protection insurance in case your valuables get damaged. Interior lightning inside the safe itself is just icing on the cake.

There's no question when it comes to the reliability and effectiveness of these safes, SentrySafe has been around for over 80 years and any company which stays around for that long knows how to do their job effectively. 

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