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Sentrysafe is one of the most favourite and reliable safe brands for home and office users who want foolproof security of their valuable assets and secret documents. Most of the Sentry Safes are manufactured with fire and water resistance features, and most of the safe boxes are ETL verified for fire and water resistance. The high-quality strong material provides up to 2 hours protection against fire (high temperature 1000+ degree centigrade). The quality and features have been maintained in all types of home, office, and hotel safe and safe deposit boxes. The Sentry Safe company has introduced different sizes and designs of safe boxes for home and office users. Since 1939, the Sentry Safe has gained top UL rating for producing guaranteed waterproof and fireproof safes. Currently, more than 30 models of SentrySafe with digital lock system have been introduced in the Singapore market for different categories of customers.

Sentry Safes are popular due to pry-resistant solid material door and body. Pry resistant hinge bar installed in the advanced models of Sentrysafe products are very effective to prevent forced entry. The advanced models of Sentry Safes are also featured with security alarm which deters unauthorized access and LED interior lighting interface. All the models of Sentry Safes are manufactured with high-quality material, which produces reasonable resistance against cutting and shattering. Most of the models of SentrySafe have build-in electronic locks with override keys. Combination locks with keys are also available in some models of Sentry Safes. So, the customers have various options to use the latest technology in Sentry safes for their homes and offices.

As the authorized dealer of SentrySafe, SafeTrolley provides the full range of SentrySafes. You can easily compare and buy a SentrySafe online. Free delivery and optional installation service are provided. All the safes come with 1-year product warranty. For most of the safes, the warranty comes with onsite service.

You can choose a SentrySafe according to function: Security Safe | Fire & Water Resistant Safe | Combination Safe | Fingerprint Safe | Fire Filing Cabinet | Hotel Safe | SentrySafe Deposit Safe

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