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Diplomat Safe in SingaporeThis is the Diplomat Touchscreen Safe Box category.

Diplomat Safe is a quality safe box brand which is from and made in Korea. Diplomat Safe puts safety and peace to homes and offices in Korea, Singapore and all over the world. Under the flag of creativity, Diplomat Safe is made to be highly reliable and trustworthy.

Since 1982, which is the year first Diplomat Safe was manufactured, Diplomat Safe has obtained numerous awards: first fire resistant mark KS among Korean-made safes; first fire safe and data safe quality mark P in Sweden in Korean safes; world class product manufacturer by Korean government; most trustworthy brand award in Korea; CE Mark and ISO9001 Management System.

Diplomat Safe can be your great choice to secure the valuables for your home and office. As an authorised dealer of Diplomat Safe, we have full range of choices of the Diplomat Safes. You will enjoy the free delivery service. All the Diplomat Electronic safes come with 1 year product warranty, and all the Diplomat Combination Dial safes come with 5 years product warranty.

You can choose a Diplomat Safe according to function: Electronic Safe | Combination Safe | Fingerprint Safe | Touch Screen Safe | Fire Filing Cabinet | Dual Key Safe

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