Earn up to $60 Cash Rebate when You Purchase from us!

CCTV Singapore: earn cash rebateConsidering buying CCTV camera, IP Camera, Safe Box, EM Lock for your house or office? It's the best time to buy it from us, now!

Starting from 11 May 2017, when you purchase from us, we will give you the cash rebate up to $60! Good deal, isn't it?

Here is how to get the cash rebate:

Rebate 1: After you purchase from us, write an article (more than 250 words) about the safe box, or about the purchase experience, publish it on your personal website, blog, company website, blog, etc, and give a URL link to our site. After our confirmation, we will give 3% rebate based on the purchase price.

Rebate 2: Share our URL on your personal, or company twitter. After our confirmation, we will give $5 rebate for each purchase

Rebate 3: Share our URL on your personal, or company facebook page. After our confirmation, we will give $5 rebate for each purchase

The total amount of rebate will be capped at $60.

All the rebate will be sent within 14 days upon our confirmation.

Example of Getting the Rebate when Purchasing IP Cameras from us

Mdm. Lee purchased the 4 HD IP Camera with NVR for his new home. She paid with cheque upon completion of the installation. (price: $1,489.6 as on 11 May 2017 with cabling and installation)

After a week's use of the IP Camera, she liked the feature of the IP Camera and the NVR very much, especially the stability of the connection, the motion detection based recording, and the responsive speed of the mobile app. She wrote a blog post about this IP Camera with NVR, and purchase experience, and on her blog, she mentioned us by providing our URL link: https://www.safetrolley.com/. (rebate earned: $44.69)

She also published "I am using IP Camera at home! Purchased from https://www.safetrolley.com" on both her twitter and facebook page. (rebate earned: $5 each)

In total, Mdm Lee earned $54.69. The amount was sent by cheque within 14 days after our confirmation.

No more waiting! Buy CCTV Camera, IP Camera, safe box, digital lock, office EM lock from us and earn your rebate today!