HD-TVI CCTV Camera - What is it?


Used in the CCTV surveillance cameras, High Definition Transport Video Interface or HD-TVI for short is a technology developed by Hikvision and Techpoint, as opposed to HD-CVI which was developed around the same time period, HD-TVI is open source which has let many other manufacturers and even household DIY experts work on their own HD-TVI systems.

When compared to HD-CVI, the technologies are comparable, both in terms of price as well as features but the fact that HD-TVI is open source gives it an edge in the long run and many products of relatively low prices are available on the market.

Features and advantages of HD-TVI over other technologies

Just like any other piece of modern technology, there's competition and alternatives present and often times a consumer has to choose between several different manufacturers or models of the same equipment. So let's take a look at how HD-TVI works when compared to others on the market.

Keep in mind that HD-TVI is able to provide 720p and 1080p footage over longer transmission distances (up to 500m) with minimal interference and virtually no delay. HD-TVI also supports frame rates of up to 60 fps with 720p while 1080p videos are run at 30 fps.


Compared to HD-CVI, there aren't that many technical advantages in favour of HD-TVI, from working distances to image quality, both pieces of technology are able to provide virtually identical results for around the same price. They're able to provide similar frame rates for both 1080p and 720p footage which is one of the major reason that HD-CVI is able to compete with HD-TVI in the first place.

As already discussed, HD-TVI is an open source technology so low quality versions are also available from manufacturers which make use of this open source nature, causing many "budget" versions to be available on the market whereas HD-CVI is limited to being produced by certain manufacturers. This keeps the quality in check but makes the final product relatively expensive.


Another name which might pop up during your initial research is HD-SDI which offers a tough competition in terms of quality as it's not only able to provide a similar resolution to HD-TVI but the overall image quality is considered to be better as well.

However when it comes to cost and maintenance, a lot more money needs to be spent on additional equipment and the HD-TVI overcomes the SDI's better image quality in terms of cost efficiency and reliability.

Analog CCTV Camera

Analog cameras don't stand a chance in terms of footage quality, both on-spot or when transmitted over long distances but they too have their own advantages. They're mostly used when the storage capacity or bandwidth is limited, so you might need to invest in a reliable option for your specific conditions.

IP Camera

IP Cameras on the other hand specialize in online surveillance and most footage is transferred over the internet as opposed to a local wired or wireless connection. IP Cameras can be set up to use private or hybrid networks for maximum security against cyber criminals.

When it comes to quality, as long as your network is able to provide the required bandwidth, IP Cameras will remain unmatched in terms of raw image quality. As opposed to HD-TVI, IP Camera offers image compression to make up for slower networks.

Naturally, there will be a small delay over long distances due to latency but there's nothing that can be done about it as we're limited by the laws of nature and you should still be receiving all of the footage with next to no losses in quality.


At the end of the day, HD-TVI CCTV Cameras are able to provide you with the good surveillance possible, given that you're able to keep up with their storage and bandwidth requirements, apart from HD-CVI, none of the traditional technologies stand a chance when it comes to pure cost efficiency and image quality.

But when it comes to surveillance over a spread-out network or the internet, IP Cameras are the sole contenders as their ability to transfer high quality compressed footage over any kind of a network is phenomenal and finding a better, more reliable alternative for the time being is out of the question.

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