Enable Live View of CCTV Camera on Chrome by Enabling NPAPI Plugin

Our CCTV Camera, IP Cameras, NVR, DVR have the built-in function which allow a user to watch the live view and replay on the browsers directly. All the major browers are supported: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. We quite recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as they are more stable and better browsers. 

If you notice that recently your Chrome browser won't give you the live view, that is probably caused the recent Chrome update, which disable the NPAPI plugin by default. Here is the tweek of how you can change a setting to make sure you can still watch the live view and replay video of your CCTV Camera, IP Cameras, NVR, DVR on your Chrome browser: 

  1. Open your Chrome browser, at the address bar, copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. You should see the screen as below. Click "Enable" 
  3. Relaunch (close and reopen) your chrome browser. Login to your CCTV camera page. It should be working now!

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