Use Discount Coupon to Save More!

This is about how you can save more money when you buy a safe box, digital door lock, IP Camera, CCTV camera, DVR, NVR, Office Door Access, Security Alarm, Padlock, etc, for your home, or your company.

SafeTrolley will regularly update the available discount coupon at this page. So if you want to save more money when getting the security devices, this is the right page to look at. You can save or share this page using the below social share/save button:

So, what do we have now?

$10 discount coupon Use code: safetrolleyrocks

The conditions to use the coupon:

  • Products included: Digital locks, Safe Boxes
  • The validity period: Valid till 31 Dec 2017
  • Online payment with credit card / Paypal account only

Not sure how to apply the discount coupon? Read on...

  1. After you have added the products to the shopping cart, click the cart, followed by clicking "View All"

  2. Enter the discount coupon in the box, as shown in the picture

  3. That is it! Enjoy the saving!