CCTV Video Demo of SafeTrolley WA-Series HD IP CCTV

The below video is extracted from the SafeTrolley WA-Series Wireless HD IP CCTV. Recorded in 30 frame rates per second, bitrate is 4Mbps.

The SafeTrolley HikVision Wireless HD IP CCTV Camera is a trending option for surveillance system in homes, retail shops, workplaces and many other settings in Singapore. IP cameras (wired or wireless), along with the appropriate Network Video Recorder (NVR) comprise a first-class choice for surveillance systems.


Although IP Cameras have a wide range of applications, their use on industrial environments is more common in Singapore, thanks to certain characteristics. For example, some of our system package offer built-in audio microphone and speaker that allow to save the audio and even remotely talk to the people you’re looking at through the camera with the help of your smartphone and our App for IOS and Android. This is only one of the many features that makes the SafeTrolley WA Series HD IP CCTV Camera one of the most complete security systems, combined with motion detection sensors, night vision function, among others.


IP Cameras are considered the most reliable and secure way of keeping record of the video footage due to their network-based system, which allow to save the recordings directly through the network, a great advantage against DVR-based analog CCTV Camera systems, which are only capable of recording on a physical device.


Scheduling your recording hours is also available, so you can choose the specific moments, days or weeks your CCTV Camera system will be saving footage. 


The use of cable can be reduced up to 90% for IP Cameras, thanks to wireless technology, making installation easier and better looking inside your home or office.


Depending on your requirements (the number of areas you need to cover and their sizes, environmental conditions, home or industrial use) SafeTrolley offers a variety of packages, from a single camera to very complete multi-channel installations, which include all the necessary HD IP Cameras, NVR, solid metal casing for the devices, storage options (Onboard SD or HDD) as well as full cabling and any other accessory that may be required for the installation.


Finally, we guarantee that our equipment meets and even exceeds the highest quality standards since we install HikVision cameras and devices, which have been designed for a flawless performance through their service lifetime. SafeTrolley also offers you advise in order to satisfy your particular needs, as well as a broad warranty that includes 2 years for all products and the first year service. Our technical support will be available throughout the system lifetime for free.