CCTV Video Demo of SafeTrolley HD-TVI CCTV Camera (1080P)

The below video is extracted from the SafeTrolley HD-TVI CCTV Camera Demo Video (1080P). Recorded in 12 frame rates per second. Bitrate is 1Mbps. Resolution is 1920x1080.

The SafeTrolley 2MP HikVision HD-TVI CCTV Camera 1920x1080 (1080P) provides a high definition image (1920x1080), recording in 12 frame rates per second and a bit rate of 1Mbps. This HD-TVI analog CCTV camera offers protection and safety for homes, shops, offices and many other environments with small areas, being a great alternative to more expensive CCTV Camera systems in Singapore. It can be installed along with a compatible DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to save as many hours of surveillance as needed so you can be sure that your family, your business or your belongings are safe.

When connected to a DVR, the video is compressed and it is possible to make a transmission over a previously configured network for live streaming or display.

The video above shows the exact definition the camera offers, with great detail and vivid colors for a reliable footage of all events happening in the site where the CCTV camera has been installed. This SafeTrolley HD-TVI CCTV Camera belongs to the low price range of devices but delivers a remarkable image, a good performance and only needs a really simple maintenance, perfect for a basic CCTV Camera system but with high-tech functionalities.

Although it’s not an IP based camera, mobile/computer viewing of the recording is available for the SafeTrolley 2MP HikVision HD-TVI CCTV Camera 1920x1080 (1080P) bringing the features of high-end CCTV cameras in order to meet your budget with a high quality product, even in low light conditions, which makes it a pretty fair option for night video recording too.

The easy connection of the camera to the DVR device is also an advantage, as well as the simplicity of operation, which allows you to perfectly manage your own CCTV Camera system and make the most of it.

Additionally, we are proud to count on HikVision as our equipment provider, the world’s best CCTV Camera manufacturer. At SafeTrolley, we have a professional staff that will be responsible for the correct installation and configuration of a CCTV Camera system with the latest technology available.

Cabling and all the necessary accessories are also offered, while a 2 year-warranty is included for all products as well as for the service during the first year, and free technical support for a lifetime.