CCTV Video of SafeTrolley HD-TVI CCTV Camera (720P)

The below video is extracted from the SafeTrolley HD-TVI CCTV Camera Demo Video. Recorded in 25 frame rates per second. Bitrate is 1Mbps.


The SafeTrolley HikVision HD-TVI CCTV Camera 1280x720 (720P) is an analog camera with a superior video quality, which combines an affordable price with a high definition output. This is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-adjusted yet effective CCTV surveillance system for your home or business in Singapore.


One of the advantages of HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) is that it is possible to transmit uncompressed high-resolution footage through conventional analog cabling, so it turns out very easy to upgrade your standard definition CCTV Camera system to a superior type since cabling can be reused.


The SafeTrolley HikVision HD-TVI CCTV Camera 1280x720 (720P) renders a better resolution and video quality than average conventional analog CCTV Cameras, with absolutely no delay in live footage viewing, as shown in the video.


Mobile and Web access are also important features delivered by this CCTV Camera system. Although the SafeTrolley HD-TVI CCTV Camera has an analog functioning, it still offers internet connectivity for a complete remote experience from your Smart Phone/Computer. Access to live view, replaying and downloading recorded videos and managing system settings are among the actions you can carry out.


In addition, the recording from the SafeTrolley HikVision HD-TVI CCTV Camera 1280x720 (720P) can be stored in a SD Card or, if you need to keep longer periods of time, a Hard Disk specially designed for surveillance systems is at your disposal, where it is possible to store up to 18 months (valid for 1 HD-TVI camera in 720P resolution, a 6TB Hard Disk, 24x7 recording). 


At SafeTrolley, we are aware of the different needs of each costumer so there are different packages with adapted specifications available so your CCTV Camera systems is capable of meeting your expectations and requirements. We offer professional advisory from the very beginning, starting with a free visit to your site that will allow us to suggest the best option according to your needs, following with the correct installation and configuration of your new CCTV Camera system and finally, offering warranty for both products and services as well as lifetime technical support.


You can rest assured that with SafeTrolley you will be getting the highest quality devices manufactured by HikVision, the world leader of surveillance equipment. We will also provide adequate training for the CCTV Camera system users so that you can really exploit all of its features and benefits.