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CCTV security cameras, nowadays, has become something commonly seen everyday: in the MRT station, on the street, in the office building, in the bank, and more and more, in our own home and office! We understand that there are many CCTV security cameras available in the market. But how to choose?

Take it easy, sit back and relax! At, you will find everything is easy, convinient and fun! Here, we try to summarize and highlight all the features our CCTV Camera package. Take a quick look first at this page, and you will be ready to move on to browse all the CCTV camera packages available for sales.

» Browse all the CCTV camera packages available for sales.

We use the table below to explain the functions and features of our CCTV camera packages. We try to use plain English to make explanations understandable. In case we get things complicated, our bad! And please feel free to contact us any time to seek the explanation over the phone. Here we go!

» The Sensor our cameras:SONY CCD sensor, 1/3″ size, Effio-E® type high quality sensor
» The resolution of our CCTV cameras:700 TV Lines (i.e. 976×582) » What is TV Lines
» The resolution to transmit over the internent:Wide D1 (i.e. 976×582) » How the video quality is like?
» Recording & Viewing frame rate:Up to 25/30 FPS Per Camera (Smooth real-time view) » How smooth is the video footage?
» IP66-Standard Waterproof CCTV camera:Yes. Optional when you need it.
» Vari-focal CCTV Camera:Yes. The lense is from 2.8mm to 12mm, which means both wide angle coverage and detailed focus are possible. Optional when you need it.
» Night Vision of the camera (View in total darkness):Yes. The function is supported by 24/36/42 LED light bulbs embedded in the camera
» Solid metal casing vandal-proof camera:Yes; And we believe a solid camera is very important for serious CCTV users
» Online viewing at personalized website
Yes, we have paid for the premium domain & DDNS service for 10 years; It is FREE for all our customers. » Why is it better?
» View on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Android Pad:Yes. Search for “SafeTrolley CCTV” at the App store or Play Store. Feel free (and it is free!) to try the App! » How it works?
» H.264 video compression:Yes. It is compulsory for high quality video recording! » What is it?
» Motion detection & email alert:Yes. You can record only on motion detection, and get the email push alert whenever there is a motion. We will take care of all the settings for you. » What is it?
» Offline recording and storing in harddisk:Yes. We are providing Western Digital SATA HDD (AV-GP Series) for a reliable recording. (the HDD is dedicated to Audio and Video Recording – higher standard than the HDD used by home PC) » How long it can record?

» Browse all the CCTV camera packages available for sales.