Best positions to install a CCTV camera for office security

Best positions to install a CCTV camera for office securityThe selection of CCTV camera positions is the important element to acquire the better results from surveillance system. Investigation and deterrence are the basic two reasons to install the CCTV cameras in the office. If your surveillance system is able to provide you with clear image and sequence of the incident, you have achieved the objective of installing the CCTV camera. In this connection, you need to choose the proper locations to install the cameras in your office.

How to choose the best locations for CCTV camera?

The clear image is helpful to identify the person or persons involved in any crime. Moreover, the recording of the evidence provide lot of information to reach any conclusion. To achieve these to objective, the following general principles focused while installing CCTV cameras.

  • On main static points, the cameras must be closer to the object so that it may capture the clear and identifiable image.
  • On wider location where you monitor the activity of objective, the cams must be installed on wider angles.

Best 5 location you may select to install CCTV cameras in your office 

Keeping in view the above-mentioned principles, the following locations are recommended for CCTV camera. 

1.Entry point:

Entry point of the office or building is the first location that can provide the best image of the objective. At entry point, everyone takes time to look at and open the door. The image or video taken from this point is more helpful to identify the person. At entry point, the CCTV camera must be installed at closer location. The best recommended distance is about 3-4 feet from the average height of human being. 

2.On office reception or counter:

The office reception or counter is the next important location to be covered with CCTV camera. This location also provides with clear identifiable image of the objective. Depending upon the size and location of reception counter, you can install one close (low level) and a wider rage camera. If we see on the crime scenes happening worldwide, we can analyze that most of the crimes are occur on cash counters. Therefore, this location needs more attention while selecting the locations for CCTV cameras.

3.Staffroom or working area:

Staffroom and working area are the important locations to be covered with CCTV cameras. The surveillance system is an unblinking eye on the work place to monitor the activity. The security system helps you to know the entry of unauthorized persons in the work place. Moreover, CCTV camera has made it easy for the boss to monitor his/her workers and staff in the office. Now you can monitor the activities of your staff through a television screen. CCTV camera also works as supervisor in the office. 

4.Blind corners and stores:

For more security and surveillance, the blind corners and stores of the office building need to be covered with CCTV cameras. At these hidden locations, wide-angle cameras are best recommended because you can cover the more area with the camera installed at distant location.

5.Parking area and garages:

The parking area and garages adjacent to your office also need surveillance. Although, the parking area needs both close and wide-angle cameras; however, usually, wide-angle cameras are installed on these locations. Depending upon the location, if the space and budget allow, install CCTV camera at close as well as distant locations to identify the objective and to record the sequence of incident or crime.

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