Frame Rate (FPS) of CCTV Camera Packages

Frame rate, FPS of CCTV Camera package (also known as frame frequency) is the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames. The term applies equally well to computer graphics, video cameras, film cameras, and motion capture systems. Frame rate is most often expressed in frames per second (FPS), and is also expressed in progressive scan monitors as hertz (Hz).

The term applies equally to film video and digital video. Each frame is a still image; displaying frames in quick succession creates the illusion of motion. The more frames per second (fps), the smoother the motion appears. Television in the U.S., for example, is based on the NTSC format, which displays 30 interlaced frames per second (60 fields per second). In general, the minimum fps needed to avoid jerky motion is about 30. Some computer video formats, such as AVI, provide only 15 frames per second.

It is worth mentioning that, in the context of CCTV Camera package, any frame rate above 30fps is normally considered very smooth. We provide up to 120fps CCTV camera package (i.e. 30fps per camera with a 4 channel DVR). Therefore, what we provide beat the market standard! You will buy a real “real-time” CCTV camera package from us!