CIF of CCTV Camera

CIF, which stands for Common Intermediate Format, also known as FCIF (Full Common Intermediate Format), is a format used to standardize the horizontal and vertical resolutions in pixels of YCbCr sequences in video signals.

Usually, in home and business CCTV camera world, terms also used are CIF, 2CIF (2x CIF), and 4CIF (4× CIF), and WD1 (Higher Resolution! NEW! Used by us on analog CCTV packages!). The resolutions for all of these formats are summarized as follows:

CIF resolution: 352×288

2CIF resolution: 704×288

4CIF resolution: 704×576

WD1 resolution: 960×576 (used by us on analog CCTV packages. Wider than 4cif in terms of the resolution)

Of course, the high resolution you have, the better video quality you have. Also note that people also refer 4CIF as “D1″, which basically means the same thing.

cif image:

2cif image:

4cif image: