CCTV Camera Motion Detection & Email Alert

At, you can set our CCTV camera package in two recording mode:

- You can record the video footage consistently
- You can also record the footage only when there is a movement/motion in front of the camera, which is called Motion Detection

Although the first mode is used by most of the customers, however, the motion detection is very useful. By doing so, you can save the time, effort and diskspace when recording and reviewing the footage.

As for the email alert, you can set the system in the way that email is to sent to you automatically whenever a motion is detected in front of the camera and the CCTV camera is starting to record. This is extremely useful if you want to install the CCTV camera in a remote area, such as warehouse, storage room, etc. You will be able to know whenever there is a motion in your monitored area, and you will know when, because you receive the email alert!

However, do note that a SMTP outgoing email server is needed if you require this function to work. We provide this service for FREE for our customers.