How to Set Up the CCTV Content Management Software (CMS)

Keywords: CCTV, CMS, Content Management Software

For all the CCTV devices you have purchased from, you can easily view the live, or replay footage, change the settings, do the configurations online, using browsers, or our dedicated Content Management Software. Here is the instruction on how to set up the CCTV content management software, or CCTV CMS.

1. Download the CMS software here. If you are our customer, you will be given the password to access.

2. Install the software by following the on screen steps.

3. After installing the software, double click to run the software. If you are asked to register an account to use the software, just do it. It is only for the software usage, NOT the CCTV itself. So any new user name and new password will be okay. You are advised to choose the “Auto Login” for your future convenience.

4. Skip the Wizard by click “Cancel”.

5. Click “Device Management”

6. Enter the information which we will give you, something like below. Once all the information has been entered correctly, you should see the serial number of the device as follows.

7. Click “Import Camera”. After that, choose the group on the right side. Click “Import All” to import all the cameras.

8. Once you have imported all the cameras, go to “Main View”, then double click the name of the device, you should see all the cameras now.

9. If you want to change the password of the DVR, go to “Device Management”. Choose the device, then click “Remote Configuration”.

10. Go to “User”, choose the user, and you can modify the password of the DVR here. Please do remember the new password you have changed, and keep it in a safe place.