why do singaporeans install CCTV cameras at home?

We recently saw some discussions at some forums. We thought it could reflect the concerns of most of our customers who want to install CCTV Cameras at home:

“Anybody install CCTV to monitor their maid? Any if you do, do you inform your maid about it? Will the maid be more effective and cautious in their work? Please share your view. As I like to hire an experience Filipino maid to look after by 4-month old baby.”

Some of people replied:

“Thanks to my camera at home, found out my previous maid threw tantrum at my 2 yr old daughter and take afternoon naps! She also did not feed my children properly as she was busy starring at the TV, just simple shove the food into their mouths and fed my son rice with her fingers. So I personally feel CCTV is very important esp when you have to leave maid alone with small children.”

With the advancement of technology, improvement of our living standard and reduction in the cost, CCTV Cameras has been part of our daily life in Singapore. With a normal package CCTV cameras installed in the living room, kitchen and from door, you won’t have such worries any more.

If you have any thoughts on this matter, we love to hear from you! Or if you wanna install a set of CCTV cameras at your home too, do browse our online CCTV Cameras shop for more information!