Singapore: CCTV clips show maid’s alleged rough handling of kid

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Another news of maid alleged rough handling kids in Singapore! Caught by CCTV cameras installed at HDB houses.

Although her employer’s young daughter was standing before an open fridge, a maid allegedly proceeded to shut its door.

It happened two days after the maid from Myanmar was hired, said Mr Tan Qing Yuan, 37, who has a video clip of the incident from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera he had fitted in his home.

Mr Tan, a driver, also accused Ms Siang Nei Thluai, 24, of mistreating his toddler, two, three times within an hour on a separate occasion. He has made a police report.

“But the police officer told me we don’t have enough evidence, and asked me to look for more evidence,” Mr Tan told The Straits Times on Tuesday night.

A police spokesman confirmed that a report was made a week ago, and that investigations are ongoing. He also said that what the investigating officer told Mr Tan is confidential.

Mr Tan showed The Straits Times several video clips. In one of them, Ms Siang was seen closing the fridge door with one hand while carrying an infant in another arm.

She leaves the kitchen, and the fridge door moves a few times, before a toddler emerges from behind it and follows her.

Another clip shows the toddler, who was lying down in a playpen, being forcefully pulled up by her shoulder.

Mr Tan said Ms Siang was hired to look after his two younger girls, the toddler and the nine-month-old infant, as his wife, a human resource executive, also works during the day. Their eldest, who is four, attends a kindergarten in the daytime.

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