Maid jailed 3 months 2 weeks for theft and causing hurt

An Indonesian maid was jailed for three months and two weeks on Wednesday for stealing money from her employer and her sister and hitting their 80-year-old mother.

Jariyah, 24, who faced 14 charges altogether, admitted to six charges of theft, theft as a servant and causing hurt. The court heard that she was employed by finance assistant Julie Chong Lye Kuin, 46, last September to take care of her mother, Madam Cheng Chu Ha, and do household chores. Madam Cheng has dementia.

Earlier this year while Julie, her brother, Chee Ming, 45, their mother and the maid were living with their sister, Susan, 41, in Woodlands, the maid stole $100 from Susan in February and $200 in March. After the four had moved out to another flat in Woodlands, Chee Ming installed a closed-circuit television as he suspected the maid of hitting Madam Cheng.

Jariyah took $50 from her employer’s wallet in June, and $20 a few days later. She was caught on CCTV using her hand to slap Madam Cheng on the head once on June 27 and using a magazine to hit her back two days later.

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