CCTV cameras help catch killer litter offenders in singapore

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If you ever lived in a Singapore HDB house, you will find that trash litters are really annoying and not concerning other people. Singapore HDB town councils have been educating people not to do that, but it seems that the outcome is not really good.

Well, in this law abiding society, one of the ways that might work is to catch the litters, and punish them by law.

Here is what Singapore Government is doing now: (extracted from Straits Times, 7 March 2012:

From the second quarter of this year, CCTV surveillance cameras will be installed in areas plagued by high-rise littering problems.

Senior Minister of State for Environment and Water Resources Grace Fu announced the move in response to MPs’ calls to curb ‘killer litter’ which undermines public safety. The move comes after a pilot project by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

It used CCTV surveillance cameras and video analytic software to catch high-rise littering offenders. CCTV Cameras were mounted on the roof-top walls of HDB blocks in 10 different locations to capture the act of littering from windows.

Two offenders were caught on camera and littering activity dropped at these locations. Each month, the NEA receives feedback on about 100 cases of high-rise littering. In the past decade, NEA has prosecuted a total of 41 cases of high-rise littering.