CCTV Camera Helps: Colombian men arrested for suspected housebreaking

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CCTV camera helps! Three Colombian men suspected of breaking into two private houses have been arrested. They are alleged to have taken more than $300,000 and jewellery from a terrace house in Yunnan Crescent, after breaking in through a rear window.

The police received a report on March 11 at 10am. By 3pm the same day, the trio aged 26 and 28, were nabbed. The police used images from the closed-circuit television at the house to trace the men, who are here on social visit passes.

They are believed to be behind another break-in of a private house at Westwood estate.

The police urged the public to ensure that all doors, windows and other openings are well secured, and to install a burglar alarm and CCTVs. By Jalelah Abu Baker; This article was extracted from The Straits Times on 13 March 2013. Refer to: for the original article.