Caught by CCTV: Maid Abusing Babies at Home!

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You will feel angry after watching this video – a baby was abused by the maid at home! The baby was treated like a toy! Luckily, it was caught by the security CCTV camera at home! Here are the details:

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian police say an Indonesian maid has been detained for allegedly abusing a 4-month-old baby by violently tossing him around like a doll.

National television late Monday showed closed-circuit television footage of the 24-year-old maid sitting down, flipping the boy into the air and throwing him repeatedly on the floor.

The baby’s mother, Nina Suraya Sulaiman, told The Star newspaper she was having breakfast nearby when she saw the incident on her mobile phone, which was linked to the CCTV.

A police official who declined to be named as he isn’t authorised to give a statement said Tuesday that the baby has been hospitalized and the maid arrested.

Here is the video: