Buy Server Rack in Singapore: What You Need to Know

Considering to buy a server rack for your office or your home? Find out all the information required before buying the server rack: type of server racks, uses of server racks, features of server racks.

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The NVR or DVR of CCTV Cameras, and some electronic equipment modules such as data processing centers, professional audio/video equipment, those used in telecommunications, and a wide variety of applications, require a lot of space due to the amount of parts and pieces that they comprise.

Server racks offer an excellent solution when it comes to find an optimal distribution, space saving and efficiency.

What is a Server Rack?

server rack is a structure consisting of vertical columns and horizontal shelves that form a frame. This framework as special support for different kinds of computerized systems with special requirements.

More specifically, the most commonly used 19-inch server racks are standardized structures that provide an organized array of all the parts needed for the functioning of the equipment. A 19-inch rack owes its name to the measure of the rack’s width, which is defined so that the modules can fit perfectly, making it easier to mount and arrange them. All dimensions of a 19-inch server rack are normalized so that they are compatible with any equipment, regardless of the maker.

Types of Server Racks

There are several types of server racks, depending on the presence or absence of doors, rails, front and back doors, and side panels, among other features.

Open frame racks have two or four rails for installing equipment. They have no doors or side structure. They are also known as four-post racks and their use is very popular for data centers, thanks to their configuration which allows a better arrangement of cabling and power sources.

A two-post rack only has two vertical columns made of metal, usually aluminum, which can be attached to the floor or to the roof. This kind of rack is mostly used in places where earthquake protection is needed.

Server cabinets, on the other side, include keys, rails, doors and protective panels on the side. Sometimes these protective panels are isolated with foam layers for specific uses.

Also, there are racks with wheels, for those cases where mobility is needed. Some racks that can be mounted in walls, a good solution for locations with limited space.

Main Features of Server Racks

Server racks are provided with edges on each one of the sides so that it is possible to fasten the module with the use of screws for a safe installation. This is very important because the equipment installed on racks is often expensive and its safety must be handled with care.

As a standardized structure, the height of a server rack is measured in units identified with the letter “U” which is equivalent to 1.75 inches (44.45 mm). Accordingly, there are frames that range from 4U up to 42U, depending on the required size. This represents an advantage regarding adaptability since requirements can be very different from one case to another.

The depth of a server rack is also an important measure. Though it is not a standardized measure, it usually ranges from 600 to 1200 mm for the deepest hardware pieces. It is necessary to have in mind that this number needs to be greater than the equipment’s depth in order to leave enough space for cabling and connections. In addition, when calculating the space and choosing the right server rack, it is important to include the necessary space between the hardware and the cabinet walls, if any, for good ventilation. This is necessary for the good functioning of the equipment, which can overheat easily.

Uses of Server Racks

Server racks are mostly known for their use in data processing centers, more specifically for housing servers, commuters, routers, NVR/DVR of CCTV Cameras, switches, and other network devices.

These frames are mainly used in companies that need centralized cabling and places with space limitations. Their structure is able to support monitors, keyboards and many types of systems and devices of different sizes and shapes. This modular solution is the most appropriate for easy addition or substitution of components. The rack allows an easy process of expansion, change of accessories, repairs or any other kind of intervention, even without the need of shutting down the system in order to do that.

This means a huge benefit in terms of productivity, since there would be no downtime whenever a change is needed, which represents a great saving for the company.
Server racks are the perfect solution for companies and enterprises that need a continuous workflow.

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server rack is a structure consisting of vertical columns and horizontal shelves that form a frame. This frame works as a special support for different kinds of computerized systems with special requirements. Server racks offer an excellent solution when it comes to find an optimal distribution, space saving and efficiency.

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